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We help doctors, allied health professionals and healthcare leaders be their best and feel better.

Capstan Partners provides professional coaching for doctors and healthcare professionals to enable them to be their best. Our range of coaching programs and coach-skills courses, offered both online and in-person, provide the tools needed for current and future healthcare leaders to “burn bright”.


Capstan Partners are proud sponsors of the Beamtree Health Roundtable ‘Organisational Response to Workforce Wellbeing’ Dinner.

There has never been a more pressing need for healthcare organisations to monitor and support the wellbeing of the workforce. Health Roundtable in partnership with Beamtree are providing an opportunity to share the best ideas and workshop with global expert’s solutions to support and enhance our most important asset in health – our people.

Join healthcare leaders and Dr. Tait Shanafelt, Chief Wellness Officer, Stanford University, for a full day workshop at ICC Sydney.

Our Clients
Our Clients

The Capstan Partners coaching approach:



Healthcare professionals from around the world have faced an incredibly turbulent period in recent years. Many acknowledge that the pandemic and other challenges have forced both public and private healthcare systems to dramatically change the ways in which they operate. Now more than ever, it is important to take time to reflect on what has changed, what we have learnt and what steps you choose to take into the future. Our programs provide you with evidence-based professional coaching knowledge, skills and experiences to inform and expand your capability as a clinician and a leader.



Once you have worked out what you want to change, it’s time to take affirmative action. Participating in our coaching programs will help you focus on what is important to you. Common themes span a range of workplace challenges from developing leadership insights, building confidence and career transitions to improving wellbeing and “burning bright”. Our panel of evidence-based credentialed and experienced coaches are available and ready to help you on your leadership journey. Setting and striving towards your goals happens in a safe space in partnership with your coach.


We understand that change is hard and achieving your goals may mean developing new ways of working. Many of us have experienced those moments of clarity and desire for new directions, but somehow have just not been able to follow through. Our ultimate goal is to support you to reach those goals, to hold you accountable and to integrate what you have learned with what you do day-to-day, ensuring you and your team reset your compass and reach new heights.

Book your free 30 minute no obligation Introductory Call.

Before making any commitment, we will listen to your needs and understand what challenges or opportunities are important to your professional development. To assess whether our coaching services are likely to give you what you are looking for, you get answers to your questions, and we can explain what coaching is, the difference between coaching and mentoring and how our programs work for many of our high performing coachees.

Book a chat now to learn more. We look forward to hearing from you.

Sometimes we need a little help to reach our true potential.

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About Me

Capstan Partners is an established leader in healthcare coaching programs for Australian doctors and healthcare professionals.

Our team provides virtual and in-person programs for:
Since the organisation was established in 2019, more than 250 doctors and healthcare professionals have participated in our coaching programs and coach-skills courses.

I am incredibly proud that our team of professional coaches including doctors who are coaches, skilfully and passionately provide professional coaching programs to a range of healthcare professionals. Our clients are forward thinking organisations who are genuinely committed to enabling their valued and exhausted workforce to build their capacity in what is undoubtedly the most overwhelming and challenging times ever experienced. And in this complex context, I am thrilled our work is establishing a robust evidence-base where the efficacy of professional coaching for doctors & healthcare professionals is seeing improvements in participant wellbeing and positive psychological outcomes.


What Clients Are Saying

"I found it extremely rewarding, and emotional too - everything I worked on with a heightened awareness of how I worked and what needed to change. The reward came through reflection and the realisation that many strategies are simple - I can see over the sessions an incremental change in the way I work, but also recognise ongoing work needed."

Healthcare worker, NSW Health

"The best thing about this program was tackling current leadership issues, excellent rapport with coach, flexible time slots, time to focus on what's most important to discuss."

Head of Department, SWSLHD

"I benefited from reflection and discussion, strategising about different issues, being challenged about my assumptions or the stories I have told myself. I only wish I had done this twenty years ago! "

Clinical Director, National Health Agency

"What I appreciated was the structure, the program is organised and mindful of participants time, pre-reading, access to pre-reading to consolidate learning, and ability to apply with own coachee putting skills into practice.’ ‘Having regular but not too frequent webinars to connect with researchers.’ ’Very professional team at Capstan. Good time keeping with webinars.’ "

Avant Coaching Collaborative 2021 participants.

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